A Time to Remember

Jesus Christ always. Because of His birth, death, and resurrection, we can go to our heavenly Father in prayer, and He will send His Spirit to revive His people. May we be light in this dark world, and direct others to the only True Light, Christ our Savior and Lord.


Concert of Prayer & the Gospel

My sisters, I want to come today to these two elements of revival, Concert of Prayer & the Gospel. I have found in my reading, and listening to messages on prayer, revival, and the gospel, that it is important that we pray in unison which many have referred to as “Concert of Prayer.” There are also records in history that there has been such concert of prayer preceding revival. This is the reason I have called us Christian women to pray for revival. Concert of Pray can be praying for the same thing, although most may think of it as praying at the same time. We can do both of course, but since we sisters are around the world, I believed a “common” time, although not the exact same time, would unite us as well. Therefore, the last couple of weeks I have been suggesting meditations on the same Psalm as a lead-into our praying.

This week, I wish to talk about the gospel and the need for evangelism to go hand-in-hand with prayer for revival. Mankind believes by hearing, and they hear by preaching—of the gospel. I highly recommend, if you have the ability, to listen to the sermon preached by Gary Hendrix this past Sunday, The Nature of Saving Faith.  I believe God will use this to revive the hearts of His children, and to draw more lost souls unto Himself.

This week, my sisters, let’s pray that God’s word, especially that of the gospel—the good news of Jesus Christ—will break in upon believers & unbelievers, for many to seek after Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And as the gospel goes forth, let’s pray for faithful preachers to carry that gospel to the ends of the world; and let’s carry it to our neighbor as well.