About Me

I’ve hesitated to compose an “About Me” because I don’t want this about me, but about Christ, seeking honor and glory for God, and the advancement of His kingdom. However, readers want to know who writes, so…

I am a sinner redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross, and that enables me to be a servant of the Most High King, the Lord Jesus Christ, yet He is my Elder Brother, therefore, I am a princess. I am invited to bring my requests to God the Father as His child. The Holy Spirit has given me a heart that wishes to encourage others to seek God’s favor through repentance and believing all that God’s Word teaches of Jesus Christ, God’s eternal Son.

I was raised in an unbelieving home, but God was pleased to turn my heart of stone into one of flesh that could love Him, in 1973. God, and God alone, has kept me “in the way” thus far, moving and joining me to the people of God in my local church in 1984. I seek His strength and direction to serve Him where He has placed me, and to fight the war against sin, both within and without, until He calls me home, or until the Lord Jesus Christ returns.