The Lord will not Abandon Us

Acts 3:19 “Repent, therefore, and turn, so that your sins may be blotted out, so that there may come periods of refreshing from the presence of the Lord;”

Pastor Hendrix, in his second message at the 2016 Family Conference titled: “The Holy Spirit and Revival”, referred to the above verse as:

“Hope for the Holy Spirit’s return & work, periodically.”


“If revival is to happen, it must be all of God; it must be the work of living, real, and present Spirit of God.”

“We should be hopeful, more hopeful than most of us are.”

“We need to remember too that the Spirit has demonstrated the willingness to purpose revival in time past; times that, believe it or not, that were even less promising than our own.”

For that complete message: Pastor Hendrix, July 27th, 2016

Psalm 9:10 “Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, Yahweh (Lord), do not abandon those who seek you.” ULB-EN


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