Pray While Traveling….

As I travel for the next 24 hours or so, I want to share a quote from The Resurrection in Your life: How the Living Christ Changes Your World, by Mike McKinley. @Michael McKinley/The Good Book Company. 2015, p. 70

“Wherever your day takes you, take the gospel there!”

May the Holy Spirit help me do just that, as part of the great commission.  And, my sisters, may we this day call on our Father:

Psalm 120:1 “In my distress I called out to Yahweh (the Lord), and he answered me.” ULB-EN

Psalm 50:15 “Call on me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you will glorify me.” ULB-EN

How sweet these two Psalm are, even if we are not in distress or trouble, but also especially then; that He promises to answer us and rescue us…that we may glorify Him.

As we again and again petition our God, we know that He not only does not grow weary, but loves to have us come to Him. Oh, that we would together urge Him to send His Holy Spirit to the hearts of His people to revive us to be lights in this dark world, to herald forth the Good News that Jesus Christ came to seek and to save sinners.

Remembering the King Who left His throne for this lowly world, to die for my sin,  now returned there to reign forever.


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