Praying the Psalms

As we think about revival, let’s reflect that revival starts within—Christians and within the church. In order to have this revival within, we must “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to us.” James 4:8 A few weeks ago when I prayed through Psalm 86, I found it a very special, sweet time with the Lord. Therefore, I’ve decided to pray through the Psalms over the next months as my means for revival prayer.

The Psalms were written as songs, so most contain means to rejoice in the Lord, seek forgiveness from God & repentance, praises to God, as well as petitions to God, all helpful for revival within as well as far abroad. Since I’m a number-relational person, I plan to begin this on November 1st in order to keep on a schedule of one a day, except 119 which I’ll divide by the Hebrew letters.

Until then, I plan to study and pray from many of the promises of God. I want to mediate on all the good He has done for His people, knowing that He can do such great wonders for His people again.

Can I recommend that you find a portion of scripture to do the same…


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