A Quote from Lloyd-Jones

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I mentioned in my last post that I had finished reading a book in which much was said about revival at the very end. That book was: Authority by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, published by Banner of Truth, 1958 (newest editions available). On page 89-90, he writes:

“You cannot announce that a revival is going to be ‘held’ It is sheer confusion of language, and it is extremely misleading. I believe it is even capable of quenching the Spirit. A revival is something that can never be arranged and organized by men. A revival is the result of the direct action of the Holy Ghost in authority and power. A revival does not just mean preaching the gospel with the result that a number of people are converted. A revival means the Holy Ghost descending upon a Church or a community or a countryside in power and in might, in an unmistakable manner, breaking men down, and perhaps even casting them physically to the ground. It leads to agonies of repentance and longings for Christ and for peace and salvation. That is what is meant by a revival.”

That is what we are praying for. Let us start with our own hearts and souls, then expand that to our local churches. Seek God to send His Holy Spirit to descend on us to become Christ’s light in this dark world. THE CALL


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